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 Individual & Team
Fitness Racing

JUNE 23rd, 2018

National Show Centre, Co. Dublin

Unison 2018
Includes Toughmudder obstacles

7 male & 7 female divisions
– Overall Individuals
– Masters 35-44
– Masters 45+
– Juniors U18
– Overall Teams
– Intermediate Teams
-Fitness Teams


Individuals, Masters, Juniors
& Overall Teams (3 individuals)

ENTER = bit.ly/cuq18individual


Fitness & Intermediate
Male & Female

ENTER =bit.ly/cuq18team

Individual Qualifier Entry
Team (of 3) Qualifier Entry
Adults Obstacle Course
Kids Obstacle Course
• FAQ • 
Q: How many different qualifier divisions are there for Celtic Unison?
A: Three. Overall, Intermediate & Fitness. Divided into a mixture of Individuals & Teams.
Q: Do I have to be a member of a crossfit gym to enter?
A: No
Q: What is the price to enter qualifiers?
A: €10 per person
Q: How many workouts will there be?
A: 2 workouts. 1 released on 16th April. 2nd released on 21st April.
Q: When do the workouts have to be submitted?
A: Anytime after the 2nd workout is completed until deadline of 29th April
Q: Can I switch division after I see the qualifiers?
A: Yes
Q: Can I enter two divisions?
A: Yes, any team can submit scores for two divisions at no extra charge. We will place you in the highest division you qualify for.
Q: What individual divisions are there?
A: 8 in total. Overall (Rx) Male & Female, Juniors U18 Male & Female, Masters 35-44 Male & Female, Masters 45+ Male & Female.
Q: What team divisions are there?
A: 6 in total. Overall Male & Female, Intermediate Male & Female & Fitness Male & Female. Same sex teams of 3.
Q: How does the the Overall qualifier division get divided into Individuals & Teams?
A: All athletes who wish to qualify for the Overall division. (RX, Masters, Juniors & Teams) will each have to submit qualifier scores as an individual. Those who place high enough can opt to go ‘team’ or stay as an individual. For a team to qualify, there will have to be 3 or more athletes from that team registering scores.
Q: Are there different workouts within the overall qualifiers.
A: No, all athletes will complete the same qualifiers
Q: Are the Fitness & Intermediate Team qualifiers different.
A: Yes. There will be separate qualifier workouts for each of these.
Q: Can more than one team from a gym qualify for Overall ?
A: Yes if there are 6, 9, 12 etc athletes who place high enough as individuals from the same gym. They will qualify as 1,2,3 or 4 separate teams.
Q: Can a master or junior opt to go ‘team’?
A: Yes, any athlete who qualifies as an individual can opt to go ‘team’ instead.
Q: Is there a Masters Team division.
A: No, any mix of ages can enter the qualifiers.
Q: How are the individual age categories determined?
A: By the age you will be on 23rd June 2018.
Q: How many teams & individuals qualify for the Finals on June 23rd. ?
A: 60 Individuals, 36 Overall teams, 120 Inter Teams, 120, Fitness Teams.
Q: What is the fee for the Finals.?
A: €69 per person
Q: Should I fail to qualify for the Finals, can I still compete?
A: Yes. Everyone who enters the qualifiers can get a discount on the Tough Mudder obstacle course. Distance & price TBC.
Q: Where is the Finals?
A: Celtic Unison is at the National Show Centre, Dublin.
Q: Is the event indoors or outdoors
A: Both. There will be 4 sections. 2 Arenas indoors, 1 Outdoor Arena & Tough Mudder obstacle course
Q: Will there be seating/grandstand?
A: Yes, as well as plenty of general seating & viewing areas. We will have VIP areas on offer for teams/gyms. We will also have a raised grandstand standing area for viewing the main arena.
Q: What are the expected minimum skill requirements for the Finals on June 23rd ?
A: Finals events are programmed to suit those who qualify, so everyone can compete at a suitable skill level.
Q: What are the prizes on offer?
A: €10,000 in cash prizes & €3000 equipment
– Individuals –
€1200 – Overall Male Winner
€1200 – Overall Female Winner
€600 – Overall Male Runner Up
€600 – Overall Female Runner Up
€400 – Overall Male Third
€400 – Overall Female Third
€500 – Under 18 Male Winner
€500 – Under 18 Female Winner
€500 – 35-44 Male Winner
€500 – 35-44 Female Winner
€500 – 45+ Male Winner
€500 – 45+ Female Winner
-Team –
€1000 – Overall Male Team Winners
€1000 – Overall Female Team Winners
€300 – Overall Male Team Runner Up
€300 – Overall Female Team Runner Up
-€3000 Equipment Prizes-
Intermediate Male Team Winners
Intermediate Female Team Winners
Fitness Male Team Winners
Fitness Female Team Winners

For sample workouts, go to www.facebook.com/celticseries

What to expect in 2018

New expanded outdoor obstacle course & €10,000 in cash prizes

QUALIFIERS 16th – 29th April

Concept 2 Ski Ergs & Rowers*

Professional judging team: First time ever in Ireland, all judges will be hired.

More outdoors workouts (tyre flips, log carry, obstacle runs).

Strongest competition ever. With teams flying in from all over Europe.

*All equipment will be available on pre-sale at discounted prices.